Study in USA

What would it mean to have an American university listed on your resume. Why would potential employers pause and take notice of your education credentials from the United States.It would mean that you have advanced English language skills and valuable intercultural experience. It would show that you studied within one of the best higher education systems in the world, with access to advanced technology and research. They would know that you received in-depth instruction, learned to problem-solve and have knowledge of modern practices within your field. It would mean that you have more opportunities.Studying in the United States and abroad doesn’t just give you tangible degrees and certificates. Your experience says something about who you are.


Here are top reasons why studying in the US is most popular study destination among the Indian students:

  1. Academic Excellence: Universities and institutions in the US consistently rank in the world university ranking because of its high academic standards and excellent research-oriented education system. Times Higher Education Ranking has ranked 7 US universities in its Top 10 list of universities.
  2. Flexible Education System: Universities and colleges in the US offer diverse range of courses and students at the undergraduate level have the liberty to pursue different courses and declare their major at the end of second year.
  3. Support System for International Students: US universities conduct regular orientation programs, workshops and trainings for the students and have international student office to assist them with various career or academic queries and cultural awareness. Universities also have health and support services including campus support services, student associations and support for students with disabilities.
  4. Cultural Diversity: US is a country with variety of cultures, races, cuisines, customs and festivals. Students are exposed to an international environment wherein they can build strong personality traits and skills valuable in the international market and also highly regarded by employers.
  5. Lively and Vibrant Campus Life: The campus life in the US is full of life wherein you’ll find yourself in the midst of new cultural experiences and the American way of life. International students are some of the most valued teachers and researchers in U.S. universities because they bring new skills and ideas to the classroom and library or laboratory. At the graduate level, students have the opportunity to work U.S. degrees are recognized throughout the world for their excellence.
  6. Excellent Work Opportunities: Students work directly with some of the finest minds in their field of study, with the chance to become involved with exclusive research and educational opportunities. They have the opportunity to avail 3 years optional practical training extension after completing the degree for STEM courses.


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