Study in CANADA

Canada has been judged the number 1 country in the world for the best country to study in and the best country to live in. It comes as no surprise then to note that the number of international students enrolled in Canadian universities in 2013-14 was almost double of what it was a decade ago.International students in Canada are dominated by the Asian student population but in Quebec, most of the international students were from France.

This goes to prove that education in Canada is popular not only with people from one part of the world but with students everywhere.9% of these students were enrolled in undergraduate degree courses while 17% were enrolled in Master’s degree courses. 29% of doctoral students in Canada were from abroad.

Canada may not yet be home to the most number of international students but is getting there quite fast. There are many reasons for Canada’s growing popularity as a student destination.Canada provides high-quality education. Obtaining degree in Canada will give you many opportunities not only in the country but also across the world since the degrees offered are recognized all over the world. The country has many institutions in which you can choose from.

Affordable Education
In terms of education cost, Canada is one of the countries that have lower tuition fees for international students even though their tuition fee is slightly higher than that of domestic students. There are many affordable rental houses for international students. Thus it is easy for international students to get accommodation at affordable price.

Another reason why you need to study in Canada is the presence of adequate personal security. it is sometimes scaring to study in abroad especially when you have no relatives in that particular country. Canadian institutions are ranked as one of the peaceful institutions in the world. The institutions consider the security of students more important than anything else. As a student, you will be protected against internal and external bullying. In fact, any students found bullying others due to their differences in race, or religion faces University legal punishment and can even be expelled from the institutions.

Work while Studying
There are many job opportunities for international students in Canada. International students do not require work permit in order to work in the country. According to the Canadian work law, international students are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week when schools are opened while 30 hours per week when they are closed. However, it is your study permit that determines whether you are allowed to work off the campus.

Cultural Diversity
Canada has diversity culture. International students experience peaceful and multicultural environment with domestic students. You will learn new culture as you associate with other students.

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