Services We Provide


A complete in-depth free counselling on one to one basis for students to chart out their career path for education abroad, right from institution selection to taking the flight. M S Education Consultant provides Service to students and parents, “Guidance has developed Professional Consultancy service centre, a “One Stop Service Centre”, for education in UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, & Cyprus.

ANNAX Consultants provides high quality services for students and their parents:
Providing adequate counseling for choices of education opportunities abroad
Recommending suitable institutes and courses or programs, study tours or exchange programmes to schools, students and their parents.
Representing students in lodging applications to tertiary institutes, high schools, English courses or vocational education and training courses
Assisting students in visa applications and medical check-up appointments
Booking air tickets
Arranging home-stay accommodation and airport pick-up services
Hosting education exhibitions, seminars and interview sessions
We would maintain regular contact with our students
We provide bank loan assistance
We provide scholarship assistance
ANNAX Consultants provides high quality services for Institutions:
Promotional literature for panel colleges and universities
Conducting Seminars/ Outreach programs / Presentations
Press and Media
Interview of applicants to Filter out non potential students in order to focus on potential students.
Feedback about the market trends and market analysis
Arrangement of seminars venue and accommodation for the delegates visiting Pakistan on behalf of Universities

       Our Principles

. We are straightforward about what we are—and are not— competent to do
. We continually update our knowledge of educational options, both in breadth and in depth, through such activities as site visits, attendance at professional conferences, continuing education and professional reading.
. We know and understand the philosophies, values, missions, goals, approaches and methods of the colleges and universities.
. We treat students and their families with respect and decency, with sensitivity to their special strengths, values and needs.
. Our organization and members subscribe to practice ethical, honest, and respectful behavior in all actions with our clients and institutes we are representing.
. We are responsible for the integrity of our own actions and the actions of our associates and employees.
. We maintain confidentiality of records, notes and client information.

We have successfully recruited students in following institutes

Linnaeus University
⦁ Dalarna University
⦁ Jonkoping University
⦁ University West
⦁ Lund University
⦁ Mid Sweden University
⦁ University of Skovde
⦁ University of Boras
⦁ Uppsala University
⦁ Gavle Business School
⦁ Umea University
⦁ University of Sapienza
⦁ University of Florence
⦁ University of Siena
⦁ University of Camerino
⦁ University of Verona
⦁ University of Milan
⦁ University of Pisa
⦁ University of Turin
⦁ University of Bologna
⦁ Jillin medical University
⦁ Weifang medical University
⦁ Gannan Medical University
⦁ Hunan Normal University
⦁ Hebei North University
⦁ University of South China